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gardenia blue pigment provider

Model No.: PYKH-ZZL
Product Name: gardenia blue pigment provider
Product Origin: Qingdao China
Standard: as request
Brand Name: Pengyuan Kanghua
PriceTerms: T/T; L/C
Supply Ability: 1000t
Detailed Product Description:

gardenia blue pigment provider

Description: It is a kind of natural pigment extracted from gardenia fruit . .The powder is soluble in water and solution of water and alcohol,but insoluble in oil and absolute alcohol.The PH value has little influence on its hue .At PH 2.0-6.0 it becomes a little unstable;at PH 7.0 or above its stable.

Application: It can be used in the coloring of wine, carbonic acid drinks,juice drink, jam,jelly, candy, cakes, ice-cream,pastry and puffed food.

Storageprotected from light and heat,should be stored in cool,dry and airproof place.

gardenia blue pigment provider

----------------------------About QDPYKH------------------------

Qingdao Pengyuan Kanghua Natural Source. Co., Ltd., formerly known as QingdaoPengyuan Natural Pigment Research Institute, founded in 1996, registered capital of 10 million Yuan,is a high-techenterprise located Qingdao,which is also known as the earliest domestic natural pigment manufacturer in China.

Pengyuan Kanghua is engaged in anthocyanin extraction.the main products include: E163, E162,E140,E141,E100 and concentrated juice. Such as purple sweet potato red color, cabbage red color ,radish red color , beetroot red color ,grape skin red color,purple perilla red color ,gardenia yellow/green/blue series ,curcumin.

gardenia blue pigment provider

-----------------------------Major products------------------------

---Anthocynains:purple carrot juice / purple sweet potato color /red cabbage color / grape skin color

---Red:beetroot red / radish red /perilla red color / purple corn red

---Yellow:safflower yellow / gardenia yellow / beta-carotene / curcumin

---Green:Gardenia green / sodium copper chlorophyll

---Blue:Gardenia blue / Algal blue

---Others:Complex colorants

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