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colorful predends on pastry using sorghum pigment
sorghum pigment, cheese products and yogurt additive
sorghum pigment, spice blend & condiment using additive
sorghum pigment, salad dressing or savoury additve
sorghum pigment, processed meats using pigment
sorghum pigment, pickles and relishes pigment
sorghum pigment, snack-chips or mooncake-chips using pigment
sorghum pigment , milk tea pigment
sorghum pigment, milk & dairy products pigment
sorghum pigment , sausage using pigment
sorghum pigment ,puffed foods pigment
sorghum pigment , pastry foods pigment
sorghum pigment ,cakes pigment or bread pigment
sorghum pigment ,natural pigment for foods coloring
sorghum pigment can be added in sausage and ham
sorghum pigment as food additive,widely used in foods & beverage coloring
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